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Tips for Staying Safe on Social Media

Posted : November 24, 2014

social media security tips

It seems that everyone these days is on social media. Everyone from young children to senior citizens have Facebook accounts. Unfortunately, many social media users do not realize that there are dangers that come along with using social media. If you have social media accounts, you have to know how to protect yourself from the risks. Here are some tips you can use to make sure you stay safe when you are using social media.
Stolen Identity
One of the …

How to Create Successful Banner Ads

Posted : September 24, 2014

banner ad tips

You’ve seen the banner ads across the screen of your computer, but did you know there are rules to designing these ads to get the most out of them? Don’t scare your prospects away with heavy, poorly laid out ads. Follow these few pointers to be on your way to better design, and better responses!
Keep It Simple
Far too many designers create loud, visually jarring banner ads that instantly turn web users off of even looking at them. If …

Have Teens Moved On from Facebook?

Posted : August 19, 2014

Breezego teens on facebook

Not so long ago, Facebook was the online place to be, but recent statistics indicate that Facebook is no longer the hub it once was, which makes it less attractive to Internet marketers. Perhaps the leading reason that Facebook is losing its appeal will surprise many: dwindling interest among teenagers. That sheer force of Internet will that made Facebook such a great success seems to be moving on. Companies invest a lot of money targeting teens on Facebook, and if …

Traveling with Apps

Posted : July 15, 2014

Mobile Apps

We live in an amazing time. After all, we have access to personal computing devices that fit in the palm of our hand and slide easily into a pocket or purse. This kind of portability increases our productivity many times over, but perhaps what is most amazing about it is how it can enhance our lives beyond work. Take traveling, for instance, and how we can use apps that get so much more out of those experiences.
When we …

Do Pay-Per-Click Ads Actually Work?

Posted : June 19, 2014

paid search

Pay-Per-Click, also known as paid search advertising, is not as confusing as it may seem at first glance. When a customer types a term, known as a keyword, into the search bar, they will get a listing of the relevant sites in the search engines. Sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo have their own search engines that will gather websites and place them in a listing for the searcher. For example, if you were to open Google and type in …

Five Social Media Secrets You’ll Wish You Knew

Posted : June 18, 2014

At Breezego, we’re always looking for easy, useful social media tips to help boost your marketing efforts. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five social media secrets you’ll wish you knew sooner.
1. You may have noticed that even though you’ve entered your website in the Facebook information section, it won’t show up as a link on your business Facebook page until the user clicks the “about” section. For marketing purposes, that’s not very beneficial or accessible. The fix …

How to Go Viral

Posted : May 7, 2014

Going viral is much more than just a buzz term. It’s the Holy Grail of online marketing – it’s what separates Grumpy Cat video from millions of other cat videos. Going viral represents the intersection of art, science and serendipity. To create the conditions for going viral, one must really appreciate what it is that engages and excites people.
1. Use Video
Not every media item that has gone viral is a video, but most are, and a main reason …

Is Live Chat Right for your Business?

Posted : April 17, 2014

We’ve all seen it. You’re searching the web for a particular product or service and suddenly a chat box appears on your screen with the offer of live help. Many times it appears just as you were thinking about a question that you’d like answered. Instant gratification!
Most business providers, whether online or brick and mortar, want to do all they can to make the most of the customer experience. It’s all about providing the information the customer wants at …

What NOT to Put on Your Website

Posted :

These days, everyone seems to have differing opinions about the best way to optimize their websites for search engines and customer satisfaction. However, there are some basic proverbial ‘no-nos’ to consider when designing and adding content to your website. Here are 10 major and, unfortunately, common website faux pas you’ll want to be sure to avoid.
Poor Grammar and Punctuation
It’s the difference between “Let’s eat, grandpa!” and “Let’s eat grandpa!” It’s also the difference between being taken for a …

Show, Don’t Tell: How Image Galleries Can Improve Your Website

Posted : March 4, 2014

e-marketing websites

Terrific pictures that illustrate your company’s products and services are valuable tools to communicate how you can benefit customers and potential customers. Photos capture a reader’s attention immediately. Because of this, photos are one of the most engaging types of web content you can use. Studies have shown that Facebook posts with photos generate 53 percent more likes than those without photos and blog posts with photos garner 94 percent more views.
Why are photos so powerful?
People only …

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