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Is Live Chat Right for your Business?

Posted : April 17, 2014

We’ve all seen it. You’re searching the web for a particular product or service and suddenly a chat box appears on your screen with the offer of live help. Many times it appears just as you were thinking about a question that you’d like answered. Instant gratification!
Most business providers, whether online or brick and mortar, want to do all they can to make the most of the customer experience. It’s all about providing the information the customer wants at …

What NOT to Put on Your Website

Posted :

These days, everyone seems to have differing opinions about the best way to optimize their websites for search engines and customer satisfaction. However, there are some basic proverbial ‘no-nos’ to consider when designing and adding content to your website. Here are 10 major and, unfortunately, common website faux pas you’ll want to be sure to avoid.
Poor Grammar and Punctuation
It’s the difference between “Let’s eat, grandpa!” and “Let’s eat grandpa!” It’s also the difference between being taken for a …

Show, Don’t Tell: How Image Galleries Can Improve Your Website

Posted : March 4, 2014

e-marketing websites

Terrific pictures that illustrate your company’s products and services are valuable tools to communicate how you can benefit customers and potential customers. Photos capture a reader’s attention immediately. Because of this, photos are one of the most engaging types of web content you can use. Studies have shown that Facebook posts with photos generate 53 percent more likes than those without photos and blog posts with photos garner 94 percent more views.
Why are photos so powerful?
People only …

6 Tips for Syndicating Blog Content

Posted : February 21, 2014

Florida SEO company

Each new blog post gives clients and interested parties a reason to visit your website over and over again, and provides a point of entry for new visitors who could become customers. Additionally, search engines like websites with lots of relevant content that is frequently updated, so blog posts can help you rank higher on the page when people search for the goods or services your organization provides.
It’s easy to see the benefits of frequent blog posting, but how …

A Banner’s Worth a Thousand Words: 7 Tips for Creating a Memorable Facebook Banner

Posted : February 18, 2014

how to market services online

Of the many social media sites, Facebook is clearly the most popular in the United States. In a recent study by Kantar, researchers reported 57 percent of those polled had a Facebook account, and 89 percent of respondents age 18 to 24 were on Facebook. With the popularity of this social giant, it makes sense to get the face of your company out on Facebook when you’re exploring online marketing solutions.
Building a Facebook page is pretty easy, but companies …

Why Responsive Web Design?

Posted : January 23, 2014

​Website design has long been a battlefield of different browsers, various aspect ratios and different Internet connections. An amazing design with beefy graphics that look stunning on a huge screen might be unwieldy and impossible to see on a tablet computer. The introduction of smartphones has compounded this problem and has been one of the primary reasons for the development of responsive Web design.

Simply, responsive Web design codes a website in such a way that no matter what …

6 Content Ideas for Email Newsletters

Posted : January 17, 2014

Communicating effectively with clients, business partners and customers isnt always easy in a world thats filled with advertisements and communications that come from every angle. The average Internet denizen often receives multiple newsletters every day and probably fails to open a great many of those emails.

Despite information overload, however, sending email newsletters remains a strong facet of online marketing solutions. Newsletters today must be succinct and information-rich. Nobody wants to read a novel when they open an email. …

Tips for Creating Good Blog Posts

Posted : December 30, 2013

Writing a blog that garners notice is difficult in an age when anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection can post something online for the masses to read. Some blogs are written for fun while others seek to boost the work done by a company’s marketing department or its Jacksonville SEO company. However, all blogs must be written with the goal of offering something to readers worth a bookmark, a like, or a share.
Repeat readership is the …

Boost Your Post on Facebook: Is it Worth the Money?

Posted : December 27, 2013

Locating the right audience on Facebook often seems like pointing blindly into an old-fashioned telephone book. Growth may be slow and tedious while a company builds its following. However, such projects are necessary for all businesses. Today’s internet marketing services are heavily influenced by the promotional opportunities of social media sites, and no site carries as much weight as Facebook.
Growing a Facebook following can be a costly adventure depending on the type of advertising chosen, but a company must …

Do I Need Video on my Website?

Posted : December 19, 2013

The phrase “content is king” is tossed around frequently in today’s Internet Marketing environment, but it’s an idea that has influenced the direction of Internet Marketing services and the design of modern business websites. As a vibrant part of an appealing website, video clips offer dynamic content for business owners who want to give visitors a reason to stick around and check things out on the company website.

Large Audience Internet video titan YouTube, which was bought by the …

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