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New EverLogic 2010 Software Introduces Real-Time Inventory Feed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (May 12, 2010) – BreezeGo, a Jacksonville based Technology, Marketing and Outsourcing Company, released their new EverLogic 2010 Software introducing real-time inventory feeds.

The real-time inventory feed allows other systems to tie directly into dealership software systems and extract the inventory information in real-time. One implementation of the real-time data feed would be to connect dealer’s web sites directly to their inventory in their management system.

Most systems allow for batch processing of data, usually performed at night causing the information to become dated. The real-time inventory feed uses the latest web service technology via HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) which is the preferred method for systems to communicate directly with one another in real-time.

The systems exchange data in an electronic file format called XML (eXtensible Markup Language). Using XML, the systems can be tied together more easily and information is “tagged” so that each system knows what the other is talking about. Using XML web services, data is securely sent and received and communication is improved with real-time interaction.

A Dealer’s Web site can tie directly into their dealership software using XML web services. If a consumer visits the dealer’s web site and searches for a current list of vehicles that are in stock, the web site queries the dealership management system in real-time to get the list of in stock vehicles.

The dealership management system retrieves the list and sends it to the web site to display it to the consumer. The customer sees the vehicles that are available for sale and the dealer provides accurate information. Other uses could be to transmit data to shopping aggregators like Google, eBay, and

The real-time inventory feed is available now with programming samples to help with integration into your existing web site.

BreezeGo is located in Jacksonville, FL. They specialize in technology, marketing and outsourcing. EverLogic 2010 is the latest release of BreezeGo’s dealership management software system. EverLogic 2010 has all software modules needed to run any size dealership. EverLogic is the only QuickBooks gold certified dealership software system.

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